Saturday, June 03, 2006

Allentown PD Blue
This weeks episode is titled: Guns and golden parachutes

When is a gun a toy, and when is it a dangerous weapon? According to Allentown Police investigators and Lehigh County D.A Jim Martin, A pellet gun is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a teenager, but in the hands of a trained Law enforcement officer, who accidently shoots another officer with it, it is just a toy.
Lets play a little game I like to call: What If?
What if I had accidentally shot a police officer with a pellet gun? What charges would I be facing? Lets see, after calling the S.W.A.T. team and negotiating my surrender for a bowl of spicy chili, the D.A would probably charge me with numerous counts of inciting a riot, disrupting public safety, assaulting a police officer, not to mention the attempted murder charges, and no bail while awaiting trial.
Now, if I am a member of the Allentown P.D.,and I accidently shoot a fellow officer, I get to retire with my overly generous pension plan, and an apology from the D.A. for putting me through the unfair scrutiny of an investigation.
And I thought Northampton county was the home of the Ernie Preate Memorial School of Law Enforcement!!!! Now there is a branch in Lehigh County as well

Golden parachutes!!!
These aren't just for CEOs of big companies, they are for Allentown Police Officers as well! Some of the figures of what these folks are making in retirement are staggering, and projections of a $150 million dollar liability for Allentown are mind boggling. This is all thanks to Mr. power point, "smoke and mirrors" presentation himself, former mayor Roy Awful bach.
Now a retired Federal judge from Philly is going to mediate the dispute between the city and the cops. Good luck to Ed Pawlowski on this one. I am a strong supporter of Union Rights, but even I think they might have went a little too far in taking advantage of someone as feeble minded as Roy apparently was.


Blogger Bernie O'Hare said...

What really irritates me is that both counties mete out their justice according to the finanical abilities and connections of each defendant.

Let me give you a little example. I know somne poor schlep, a Vietnamese immigrant, who came to this country asd a refugee many years ago. In Vietnam, he was a big shot. But here he's nothing. He spent most of his adult life working at shit wages with some lousy local company that hires Vietnamese regularly and regularly takes advantage of them, paying them below minimum wage, refusing to pay overtime, etc.

Now this guy is too old and tired to work but too poor to retire. Well, he was out one afternoon with some of his Viet friends and tied one on. He was pulled over and charged w/ DUI. No propblem there. But most people who have dough are entitled to ARD. He doesn't so he doesn't get it. But he does get a probation officer who accelerated his monthly payments and made them due all at once. The poor bastard had to borrow from everyone to keep out of jail. When I checked the paperwork, this guy was conned and I have no idea why that probation officer needed this money right away. I am really suspicious about that.

This guy was a high officer in the Vietnamese Army and fought for the Americans, but is now part of a country that treats him like a third class citizen. Has anyone ever investigated his employer? Never. Do you think anyone will ever look at the probation officer? Never. It always how much you have or who you know.

People who are poor are going to get the short end of the stick. That's what I don't resent John Karoly. I think he should be cloned.

5:25 PM  
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