Wednesday, May 31, 2006

There's Good News....and there's Bad News....
and they are one and the same......

The Morning Call confirmed today that Charles Dertinger has indeed, in all likelihood, successfully executed a write-in campaign to be the Democratic Candidate for Congress in the 15th District.
The good news is Charlie Dent will have to publicly defend his record as a "Rubber Stamp" for Bush. He will also have to spend that vast war chest, courtesy of his corporate friends, on himself, instead of helping local and state level Republicans in their races.
The Bad news is Charles Dertinger is the best the Dems could find willingto take him on. I want to give credit here, to those who made the best of a bad situation, executed a "Mission Impossible", overcame tremendous obstacles, and got a candidate on the ballot. I have to give a shout out to Sam Bennett in Allentown, for organizing and pushing a program that got 2000 write in votes in Lehigh County alone. That's the kind of effort that wins races in November. Joe Long, for all the griping about him, took action, and got a candidate while others sat on their hands.
Mr. Dertinger is going to take a lot of hits for being a party man, but what about Dent? He lives in a glass house on that issue as well. This race will boil down to turnout and voter mood on election day, with a side order of Economic reality, as in, "Is the Valley job situation as rosy as today's Morning Call says?"
I don't think so. Good, Union wage paying skilled jobs declined, while hotels and servant sector jobs exploded. I don't know of too many parents who are hoping that their kids grow up to clean rooms, work at Wal-mart, or deal Blackjack at a Casino.

Paradise Lost?

That's the issue people, the Loss of The American Dream.
For the many former Lucent, Bethlehem Steel, Agere, and now Tyler Pipe folks who have watched their jobs, benefits, and the long term promises made to them in seemingly unbreakable Union wage contracts shrivel up and blow away, maybe the promise of a secure future was all just a dream. The fact is, right now, for many, working twice as hard for half the money in one of many new Servant sector Jobs isn't just the reality of their day to day life, it is their walking nightmare. Then they have to watch as their promised Medical benefits are erased by a faceless judge in a Corporate court, and get insult added to injury as a CEO gets a Hundred million Dollar bonus for doing such a good job of dismantling their company. Then they turn on the news and see the Economy in Southeast Asia is Booming, It ought to be, that's where the corporations are outsourcing their old jobs to.
Meanwhile, their elected officials give theselves raises and increase THEIR pensions. Talk about not being in touch with your constituents!!!!
This is what the policies of the Republican Party has given us in the past twelve years, at both the Federal and State level. I know some Dem candidates might not be that great, but do we really want to sit on our hands and let the Republican greedmeisters have two more years? I don't.


Blogger Bernie O'Hare said...

You make some good points. I hope Dertinger hires you as his campaign consultant because he's going to need a good one.

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