Friday, May 05, 2006

Tax Relief????......NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Republicans: "We can do better".

I am just absolutely amazed at how clueless the Republican leadership is, but I am not surprised that Doug Reichley of our own 134th district did the right wing leaderships bidding and was one of three representatives to start the push on the floor to kill the tax deal. Dougie is running unopposed in the primary, but November is a whole different deal. Everybody knows that any tax deal would have been far from perfect, and it would have needed further work. (A Lot of Work, as in starting with a uniform, statewide formula for how properties are accessed). Unfortunately, that is politically dangerous, and with the pay raise debacle already having many an incumbent soaking in boiling pots of water, the republicans grabbed at what they thought was a lifeline, and caught an anchor instead. Glub, Glub, Glub.

What really ticks me off, is the reasoning from my rep," ol' Dougie", is that Republicans are holding out to give the people a better overall deal. This from a guy who tried to get the Martin Towers property in Bethlehem declared a "Keystone Opportunity Zone", so a wealthy developer (and campaign contributor) could skip on paying several million in taxes to the Bethlehem area School District in the next ten years. "Ol Dougie's" regularly mailed letter to all his constituents (at Taxpayer's expense) ends with "Doug Reichley, Working for you!"

I think that might be a missprint, he should change it to "Doug Reichley,working for Doug Reichley, and a few good friends", at least then it would be honest. Folks have waited decades for some kind of tax reform, so what's a few more terms in office, er... weeks before they get around to it?


Blogger Bernie O'Hare said...

Well said. The proposal approved by the Senate, to put it mildly, is garbage. Republicans can take credit for putting the brakes on this fiasco, but only if they take the blame for what happened in the Senate. And while we're at, let's not forget what party has controlled both houses for the past decade or longer. This is the same group that voted themselves a midnight payraise. Does anyone seriously think this group cares even a little bit for common, ordinary folk?

As you point out, the same people who pretend to have given us a tax reform package have done nothing to curb the inequities that invariably result from placing properties in KOZs, TIFs, LERTAs, or preferential assessments under Act 319 in which large landowners (who aren't even farmers) get tax breaks.

At least the Martins Tower deal fell through. In Northampton County, a Republican controlled Council tripped over themselves in a rush to adopt a KOZ ressolution 2 yrs ago for developer Abraham Atiyeh, who buys what he wants with legal bribes in the form of heavy contributions to those who do his bidding. Although it was toio late, to place a KOZ resolution on the agenda, Northampton County Council did so and granted a KOZ classification for Atiyeh's Cinema Paradiso, which lasted about a year before it folded.

The Cinema Paradiso failure is fuirther proof that a bad business idea will not be saved by the infusion of public money or tax breaks. And a good business idea will succeed without the government's help.

Before he retired, Northampton County's chief assessor publicly acknowledged that NO jobs have ever ben created as a result of any KOZ classification in Northampton County. It amounts to a tax concession for the wealthy and it is funded by the rest of us.

The state has not even touched its ridiculous panoply of tax concessions for the wealthy. And for far too long, Democrats have gone along with these tax breaks to the rich. I think it is time for some Democratic leaders to step to the plate and stand up for middle class workers and the poor and simply say ENOUGH. End the tax breaks. That would be meaningful tax reform.

6:50 PM  
Blogger caseyhasabat said...

Question: did Charlie Dertinger vote to give Atiyeh the Cinima Paradiso resolution?

9:34 AM  
Blogger Bernie O'Hare said...

Dertinger was not on Council and did not vote for the tax break. At that time, the Rs had a 6 to 3 majority. I know Angle voted against it, and think McHale either abstained or was not present.

2:33 PM  

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