Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sorry, Charlie, but..
I only support Democracy in IRAQ, not in my Congressional district.

I can only imagine this being the response of Charlie Dent, if Charlies Dertinger were to ask out loud why Mr. Dent is investing time and effort in denying all voters a REAL choice in November. Money-wise, it is brilliant, because if he wins both nominations, he can spread his vast corporate, HMO and oil company endowed war chest around to needy, challenged Republicans at the state level , like that lovable couple in the state house, Karen Beyer and Doug Reichley.
However, politically, the damage could ripple into the very near future. This is typical Republican planning, don't worry about the future, we want OUR friends and family to be fat and happy NOW.
How angry do you think Democratic powers will be if Dent undermines them and pulls this off? In 2004/05, Democrats starting getting their act together in Lehigh county. Despite the Legacy of Roy Awfulbach, we got Ed Pawloski elected mayor. We recruited Don Cunningham and took, for the first time, the County Executive's post. Next year we will mobilize to take the board of County Commissioners. That leaves 2008, and the Congressional seat. Shakespeare wrote that "revenge is a dish that is best served cold", and Democrats will not forget, this skullduggery, this undermining of the political process, for no reason other than personal financial gain. The Dems will most certainly attempt to serve Charle a very cold dish of revenge. Then again, it is becoming painfully obvious to most voters that personal financial gain is what most Republican politicians are all about.
So Much for the Democracy, if you can buy a nomination for a few thousand dollars in May to save several hundred thousand come November, why let a little thing like integrity, and the Democratic process get in the way?
Sorry Charlie, you may be the biggest Tuna in the fishbowl here locally right now, but when the water gets dirty with poop, all the inhabitants suffer, especially the ones putting out the most poop. The water looks clean right now, but give it two years, you never know who the Democrats might nominate to clean the tank, and they are going to let everyone know just how bad you stink.
And following the Fish theme, Greta Browne is a clueless baby goldfish who willingly jumped into a tank full of hungry piranha. I put the over under on her write in vote total from Democrats at about twelve, the same people who would vote for perennial loser Drake (out of his) Minder. She is a distraction, not a threat. Unfortunately, there is no "Idiot" party in PA for her to join, and most Green's remember her betrayal from 2004. The only way she could get votes would be to go on American Idol, which is how too many young people think this whole voting thing works anyway. So I've got a suggestion, how about after the primary, Drake and Greta
get together and decide to run for governor/lietenant governor on the newly formed Moron party ticket. Doesn't matter who is on top or bottom, but it is obvious to me these two deserve each other. Overall, The Lehigh Valley deserves so much better than what we are getting in congressional candidates, but I am asking everyone to vote for Charlie Dertinger, as he had the courage to step up when many others failed.
I know I will. Lets keep Democracy alive!!!


Blogger aahpat said...

Your perspective on Browne is as predatory and cynical as Dent's perspective on this cross-over write-in effort of his.

People want change in the Democratic Party not this status quo Republican lite garbage.

5:53 AM  
Blogger LVDem said...

Drake is an odd man. Sadly he's running against Rick Orloski, a nice man but sheesh. Dent's arrogance annoys the crap out of me.

2:46 PM  

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