Tuesday, May 09, 2006

London Bridge is falling down
Or would be if it were in PA

An American Engineering group today released a Report card on the condition of Pennsylvania's infrastructure, and if I had gave a report card this bad to my parents to sign, I would have got one good dose of butt whippin', and it probably would have been a tag team affair.
My favorite part of all this is the ignorant hypocrisy of several Republicans in Lehigh County, who keep pushing to build a BIGGER, WIDER, Route 22 to handle all the traffic so they can build more homes, make more money, and afford to move even farther away when the problems of overdevelopment become more than they can handle. We don't have money to fix a simple bridge over a creek, (Unless it is near Paul Semmels house, then $3.5 million will be found so 3 homeowners can get to their estates.) but they want millions to facilitate their profiteering.
So I propose this, why don't Snelling, Semmel, and yes, even JAINDL, et al do us all a favor and move farther away, NOW?! Let's just cut to the end result, but leave out the part where you use your riches to keep all the Republican Municipality kings like Gorr, De'Angelis, and even Marge Szulborski, (OOPS, sorry, I forgot she's been busy building her own retirement account the past five years) in power, and let those of us living in the communities you are trying to choke every last dollar out of run our own government for once. We can't do any worse than you guys, and your developer friends might learn a new word in their vocabulary, one they haven't heard since childhood: NO!
NO!, as in you can't pave over every corn field, and NO!, we will not rezone that flood plain so you can build another 500 McMansions to sell to some poor suckers from New Jersey at $800,000. a pop.

Okay I'm done, but the point is, more reckless development means more stress on infrastructure, and we are not maintaining OLD ROADS, we are just building new ones onto them. The same with our overextended sewer system, especially along Route 100 and Spring Creek road in Upper Mac 4 and Lower Mac 4. Sinkholes are popping up all over, but they keep building!
There are also many bridges over US22 that have had pieces fall off onto the road below, and PennDot says they are fine. On that note, Rumsfeld says he never lied about WMD's, President W says gas prices will go back under a dollar a gallon, and Bill Clinton never met Monica Lewinsky.

Who the Hell do they think they are fooling!!!

Now onto the Wonderful World of the 133rd Democratic Primary

Anthony Ryback has come out with a mailer that is just about the ugliest ,meanest broadside of Joe Brennan that was possible. Talk about twisting the facts! If Mr. Ryback were to win this primary,(and I doubt it) he better hope to God that Republicans are half as stupid as he is.
Mr Ryback's, "Look who's in jail again!" mailer brings up two of the less than flattering events in Joe Brennan's life, but I come from the "We all did stupid things when we were young " school, and it would do well for Tony to remember the saying , "People who live in glass houses.."
Tony and his wife sat alone at a table at the labor council dinner, and I sort of felt pity for him, appearing as an outcast in a crowded room. I wished him well. Now I'm not thinking the same way.
Actions speak louder than words. His actions speak of desperation, and the saddest part is, he didn't just damage Joe Brennan, he showed a lack of character that damages himself. Hey Tony, what do you think your Dad would say?


Blogger Bernie O'Hare said...

Great piece!

6:05 AM  
Blogger caseyhasabat said...

Thank you for your comment, I enjoy your blog as well. Maybe we should start a self help bloggers support group! To help each other get by when someone takes a blogging break!!! LOL!!!

4:01 PM  
Blogger jim said...

Totally agree. The sad part is that this one mailing will probably swing the election to Rosado and make it even more likely that negative campaigning will continue because whether we like it or not - it works. For my part, it made me even more determined to vote for Brennan and get as many of my friends to vote for him too just to shove it to Rybak. I encourage all thinking people to vote for Brennan - this is no time to reward negative campaigning.

12:55 PM  

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