Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Doug Reichley: District Attorney
No, It's not a movie of the week, or even a proposed sitcom on that Network bastion of right wing propaganda called Fox News (Then again, Maybe...?!!)

A few posts back I mentioned that Doug might be running for Jim Martin's job in '07, should Jim choose to retire. My sources tell me that this is pretty much a sure thing. The Statehouse is just something for Doug to pass the time, and he can use his incumbency, and his so called "tough on crime" legacy to boost his chances, in addition to holding onto his seat. Doug thought he should have gotten the job last time around, the statehouse was second prize after the Jane Baker fiasco.
( You remember Jane, in Spring of 2000 she got ran over by a lady "friend" after a "spat" and some heavy drinking at what is now the Stoned Crab on Brookside road, and after two years in the Legislature, sued her friend, saying the accident had left her, "Unemployable".)
This will give area Republicans time to search out a suitable pseudo-Hitler Youth member to replace him. The problem with that scenario is voters are not all that thrilled with Doug. He has not yet returned all the unvouchered pay raise he took but did not vote for, and no public mea culpa has been forthcoming, but at this stage, it would be seen as insincere anyway. There was talk of a Republican challenging Doug, but either the party couldn't find someone with the stones, or they just don't respect Chris Casey enough to see him as a threat. Either way, Doug Reichley knows his days in Harrisburg might be numbered one way or another, so if he easily gets by Casey,(as he should, but it might be close) it wouldn't be bad form to get out of the legislature while the getting is good. Doug still thinks he is the smartest guy in any room, so having an escape plan is not a bad idea. I just hope that he loses in November, before he gets 5 years in as a legislator and can get a good chunk of pension. I hate the idea of giving someone who has done so much to erode the rights of working men and women a pension paid for by taxes from their sweat and blood.


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