Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Don't Cry for Me Lehigh Valley
Paul Semmel gets his walking papers. and that is not a bad thing, at least not for Paul.
Besides getting a full pension and free medical care for life, Paul can relax and enjoy a new career after a while. The profession is LOBBYIST, and it sure beats the hell out of milking cows on the old dairy farm, now doesn't it?!
The true bloodbath will be waged in the fall by Archie Follweiler and Carl Mantz. Kutztown hasn't been big enough for these two hombres, and it will be interesting to see if Arch can make waves in Lehigh county. I hope so, because I plan to vote for him.

I was shocked
That Jubelirer and Brightbill both went down by wide margins. Looks like folks in the Berks Lancaster region want their conservatives to actually walk the walk, not just talk it. It will be interesting to see if moderate and conservative Republicans can unite behind the newcomers.
Opportunity is knocking at the Dems door, will we answer it?

Biggest Loser: Anthony Ryback
The green of his name is for the envy he must be feeling for Jose Rosado, who was a class act in defeat, and Joe Brennan, who punished him in the polls. That thud you heard at * PM last night was your political career dropping dead. Goodbye! I suggest cremation, there has to be some way to rid the 133rd district of the stench from your campaign.

Last but not least....
The new voting Machines worked pretty well, but I still think human error factors into this just as much, otherwise how do you explain the following?: In Lower Mac 8, approximately 60 Democrats voted, and Bob Casey got 45 votes, Chuckie P got 10 votes, but Alan Sandals got.... 70?!!!!
Mrs. at the bat had no problem with the machine, but came out talking how easy it was to write in Charle Dent for Congress. She truly got confused, and I have forgiven her, but if that one vote costs us,... we might have to move!!!


Blogger Bernie O'Hare said...

A big loser was Tony "the Hatchet" Rybak, and the big winner was Rosado, who handled defeat with a grace and style rarely seen. That, and his showing in South Bethlehem and Fountain Hill, reveal him as a rising political force if that is his desire.

Great analysis! I was looking forward to your take on the election.

4:41 PM  

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