Monday, April 24, 2006

Paul Semmel: Martyr for the Republicans

Last week, Paul Semmel of the 187th sent a letter to Republicans admitting that last years "payjacking" was a mistake he deeply regrets.
No mention of whether he regretted voting to raise his pension, or any of the votes he cast helping other republican constituents in Harrisburg or Philly, while ignoring his actual district in the Lehigh Valley.
This is as close to anyone falling on their sword as we can expect to see from some of our most pathetic incumbents in the statehouse.
This year, Semmel has two Republican primary challengers, Lehigh County resident and Attorney Allen Cerullo, and Berks county resident and Kutztown borough councilman Carl Mantz, who has been endorsed by the Berks Republicans. The natives are restless, and Mr. Semmel has slowly come to realize, nine months after the fact, that re-election isn't a given. Henceforth, he gets down on his knees in the confessional of the non-denominational Church of the Holy Voter, and proselytizes himself, begging for mercy, and pointing at a questionable list of accomplishments as a reason to forgive and forget his trangressions.
As Roger Daltrey once sang, "We won't get fooled again".

Come the morning of May 17th, we may have a new song, with apologies to the author of Bye Bye Love:

Bye, Bye, Paul,
Bye, Bye, laziness,
Bye Bye, do nothingness
We're not gonna cry!

Bye Bye Paul,
Bye Bye, payjacker
Hello, a real rep,
We'll get someone who cares!

I was going to do a rendition of that great 50's favorite, "Get a Job" but that was just too easy!!!


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