Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's a Three horse race...
for Chairman of the Lehigh County Democratic Party

So far three intelligent, well meaning candidates have stepped forward, Matt Croslis, Rick Daugherty, and current Allentown chair, Sam Bennett. So Why is this important?
Leading the Democrats who live in Allentown is one thing, organizing and leading the other 60%+ who don't live in the city is another. The goal should be to unify them with common goals.
The Democrats need a leader willing to organize and mobilize the rest of the Dems in the county. Don Cunningham is a great county executive, but when Republicans control the county commisioners 7-2, when Democrats have only one true seat in the statehouse for a county with a Dem majority, and a Republican rep in Congress, it says something about what our party's weak spots are.
Croslis and Daugherty both want to build the party infrastructure across the entire county. Sam Bennett sent out a nice letter touting her accomplishments in teamwork building and in getting Ed Pawlowski elected mayor... in Allentown.
When the Dems meet in June to organize after the May elections, who wins this struggle for control of the direction of the local party could make or break the growth of power for Democrats in Lehigh, through 2010, and the next redistricting. It is a lot more important than many of us realize.


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