Thursday, April 06, 2006

Failure To Launch

I am at an absolute loss for why the Dems of the Lehigh Valley don't have a Congressional candidate in the 15th district. There are so many places I could start with this argument, but we are past finding a qualified candidate, because Don Cunningham is not running. The two would be candidates, Bob Dodge and Justin Behrens, got confused about how to gather signatures. Meanwhile, the ground troops were being urged to help Governor Rendell break a record for submitted signatures. Anybody else see a problem with that picture? It would have been a greater help to the Dem Party at large to serve up a full menu of candidates, but through our own incompetence, there are Republicans running unopposed, who should be running scared.
Instead of concentrating on getting Ed 3000 sigs in Lehigh, maybe we should have worked on getting one of those other two a few? The Democrats should be ruling Lehigh, instead we have Bush boy Dent. I have always considered myself a team player, but when I see ineptitude of this magnitude, I have to question if we have our act together

Write In Campaigns...
The write in for Congress is not impossible, with an organized commitment, it can be done.
So we need a candidate, the simpler the name the better. I have seen the new voting machines, and I have some suggestions.
1. Notify the respective board of elections in Lehigh and Northampton counties that you are running.
2. Tell them that you will be instructing people to punch your name in on the screen keyboards as e.g. ( John A. Smith). Trust me, using your middle initial will help differentiate you from others with the same name, and make the Elections officials job easier.
3. You need 1000 unchallengeable votes, so shoot for as many as you can get. Look at voting records and see which predominantly Democratic districts have the best turnout, and send volunteers to stand outside them on election day. Allentown and Bethlehem should be easy.
4. On election day, have your volunteers hand out easy to read instructions telling them exactly how to cast a write in vote.

This is not as hard as people think, I know, I helped Chris Casey pull this off in Upper Macungie and he got on the ballot last year by standing outside precincts, handing out pre printed stick on labels bearing his name with instructions for the old lever machines.
We Can not give up! We just need to cover 50 precincts, and get the word out to the media and the press. We have to get past how bad not getting enough signatures makes us, and dwell on how good we will look if we can recover and get someone on the ballot.
All I need is a candidate, I will do my share. Do you hear me Democrats?
Hey, you people over in 183rd, there's no reason you can't do it for Russ Shade!!!
Come on! Republicans take women for granted, we need to do our thing!


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