Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Elmer Gantry..er, Elmer Gates
does his impression of the warden in the mavie, Cool Hand Luke
"Some People (Republican County Commissioners) you just can't reach!"

Mr Gates asked in his column, "just what don't they understand about the outcome of the last three county elections?" I looked outside this morning to see if Hell had frozen over, because longtime Republican party activist Elmer Gates took the Republican majority of Lehigh county commissioners to task in an op-ed piece to the Morning Call for their lack of fiscal restraint concerning the courthouse controversy. This is comparable to Billy Graham calling for one of his crusades. I won't be surprised to see a tent going up somewhere with signs popping up at every intersection "Come fallen away Republicans!, repent here!" Unfortunately Some Sinners you just can't reach, be they a Township Supervisor, a County Commissioner, or even a State Rep or Senator. (Hint: Paul Semmel) All the RINOs who voted for Rendell and Casey in 04' and any Democrat who has seen the error of their ways is welcome too.
This is primetime for Democrats to point out how far out of touch the Republican leadership is at all levels, from the Township that wants a new office building they don't need(Upper Mac), extravagance of a new Courthouse(Lehigh County), to state legislators who put their own welfare above their constituents(Semmel,Reichley,Beyer), if anyone should be extolling the virtues of reform and good government, it should be Democrats. It is not that often that the devil deals you a winning hand, so lets go all in and play it, and in the process, convert a few souls to our side.
Being a Democrat, to me, does not mean Liberal, it means Responsible, it means Practical, it means being Fair. The Republicans in local and state government have practiced none of those three traits, and those are traits worth speaking about.


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